The analysis of autonomous electric power supply system, based on asyncronised generator with three-phase modulator with one star scheme during complex loading

Investigation of electromagnetic and electromechanical processes, which take place in the autonomous power supply system based on asynchronised generator with three phase modulated exciter, was conducted by means of mathematic experiment. The processes in terms of work suitableness of power supply system during its work at the junction of asynchronous motors and active-inductive load were analysed. Regularities of electromagnetic and electromechanical processes, depending on the schedule of consumers’ work and system of commutator management parameters were determined.

Low vibrokavitator for cavitation processing chemically active fluids, fluids under pressure and at elevated temperatures

The description of law frequency vibrocavitator design for cavitational processing of chemically active liquids, liquids under pressure and high temperature is carried out. Its basic design and technological parameters are set up; by controlling them one can choose optimal regimes of cavitational processing. A special device for choosing range frequency fluctuation of cavitation breakers is developed.

The defining of sample size for statistical analysis of texts

The article is dedicated to one of the most important areas of quantitative studies of language and speech that is the study of information and statistical properties of text. An attempt was made to establish Cheremshyna’s literary works percentage sufficient to analyze relative frequencies of characters in his works and to investigate the stability of these frequencies. A number of conclusions were made about the size of text passages which may form text-sample for statistical surveys.