The Influence of Limited Bit on the Implementation of the Transfer in Digital System

The unexploring problem of digital control systems analyzes in this article — the impact on their behavior of the limited bit resolution of the hardware and, accordingly, the discrete transfer functions coefficients. The research conducted by the zeros/poles and transient characteristics methods using the mathematical application MATLAB with the package Control System Toolbox and confirmed the relevance of this problem.


Catalytic ability of tungsten compounds in the reaction of hydroperoxide epoxidation of 1- octene and tert-butyl hydroperoxide decomposition was investigated. It is shown that the nature of ligand has significant effect on the catalytic activity of tungsten compounds in these reactions. It is established that boride and silicide of tungsten are the best choice for epoxidation reaction, whereas tungsten carbide exhibits poor activity. Tungsten boride is also the most active in the hydroxide decomposition reaction.

Theoretical analysis and experimental study of H2S dissociation processes in ultrahigh-frequency plasmotron

Theoretical analysis of aerodynamic conditions in a plasma chemical reactor with tangential gas supply is carried out. It is shown that due to the creation of a swirling flow in the reactor there is a pressure gradient, due to this along the vertical axis there is a vacuum zone, which contributes to the occurrence of plasma discharge.

Transport services as an object of analysis and management

The transport service is analyzed in terms of the parameters of quality and price. The main factors that form a demand for transport services are determined. The analysis of the factors that determine the concept of transport services quality in the context of their consumer evaluation is conducted.  It is investigated how fluctuations of transport services prices affect the demand for them in respect to different basic characteristics of the services. Scientific approaches to a set of factors actualizing the demand for transportation services are analyzed.