Institutionalization of democracy: essence, main concepts, approaches

The conceptual analysis of issues concerning the institutionalization of democracy and its influence on public administration is made. Accordingly, it is proved that inability of institutionalization of democracy to function effectively leads to destructive changes in all spheres of social life.

Institutionalization of innovations in the context of strengthening economic security of a state and enterprises

The description of factors that determine the characteristics of the institutional environment is given in the article. The necessity of a more in-depth study of the problems associated with institutionalization of innovation in the context of strengthening the economic security of all market participants and improving management capitalization economy is proved. Attention is focused on strengthening the processes of institutionalization of innovation in terms of exacerbation of systemic crisis in Ukraine.

Innovative technological changes as a condition of innovation of Ukraine

It is proved that the development of the world economy is closely linked to the accelerated pace of scientific and technological progress and intellectual capital. Many countries are on the path of intensifying their economy, choosing a benchmark for the innovative model of economic development. In the article the necessity of innovations and technological changes as the main factor for innovative development is considered. The ideas, theories and concepts that theoretically proved influential nature and value of innovations and technological changes for economic growth are considered.