public-private partnership

Organisational support for the development of public-private partnership

Statement of the problem.  Currently,  there are many problems and unresolved issues that hinder the processes of effective implementation of projects between the state and private business. Accordingly, it can be argued that there is a need for in-depth scientific research on the functioning of public-private partnerships, which actualises the direction and topic of the research in this article.

Regulatory and legal regulation of public-private partnership in Ukraine

Statement of the problem. The importance of public-private partnerships requires substantiated regulatory and legal regulation in accordance with the need for high-quality and full cooperation between the state and private business with the highest effect. Therefore, the study of the role of legal regulation of public-private partnership in Ukraine is extremely relevant in the new conditions of development of Ukrainian society, given the challenges it is facing today.

The impact of war on the rules of implementation of public-private partnership in the cultural sector of Ukraine

Formulation of the problem. Public-private partnership is an effective mechanism for providing additional resources for the development of culture, and in Ukraine, this mechanism can help restore destroyed infrastructure objects and ensure a proper level of protection of cultural heritage in the conditions of armed conflict. However, successful implementation of such a partnership requires compliance with certain regulatory, legal, and financial-economic conditions, and the state must be a leading partner in this process.

The role of public-private partnership in transport infrastructure restoration in Ukraine

Problem setting. Significant attention has been paid to the attraction of investments in the development of transport infrastructure in recent years. However, the imple- mentation of modernization projects in this sector has stopped due to military actions on the territory of Ukraine. Public-private partnership projects  could be a good tool for involvement the investment in this field. But public-private agreements are still not fully used in Ukraine.

Prospects of using public and private partnership for the reconstruction of Ukraine in the post-war period

Problem statement. Because of the military aggression of the Russian Federation, the Ukrainian people and the authorities face demanding challenges regarding the reconstruction of the country. One of the main priorities during the recovery in the post- war period is to find new, alternative sources of financing, in particular, using the advantages of public and private partnership (PPP).

The Global Innovation Clusters: Canadian Experience of Public-Private Partnership

Purpose of the article is the research of the modern trends of global innovation clusters development in Canada that based on public-private partnership model, and to identify their features during last years. The hypothesis is that it is possible to formulate the hypothesis that at the postwar period, Ukraine would form a new innovation strategy that will push country to become global competitively and innovatively.

Peculiarities of the implementation of the legislation on public-private partnership in the field of environmental protection

The article considers the theoretical and legal issues of public-private partnership in the field of environmental protection.
On the basis of a comprehensive systematic approach to the study of legal phenomena, the peculiarities of the implementation of current legislation on public-private partnership in the field of environmental protection are studied.

Public private partnership in higher education of Ukraine

The article explores the legal problems and the potential of developing public-private partnerships in higher education. Public-private partnerships are considered as a flexible and promising tool for attracting private investment in infrastructure, providing the necessary cooperation of research and education centers with companies of the real sector of economy, which contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of Ukraine for the period until 2030 in the field of education.

Introduction of dual form of education in ukrainian higher education

The article outlines the problems faced by the education system and the labor market. Insufficient level of readiness of graduates of educational institutions to professional activity is emphasized. The legal framework for the introduction of a dual form of education has been analyzed.

Public–partner potential and public–partner attraction of territorial entities

Diagnosing public-partner potential and public-partner attraction of territorial entity is necessary to position and present the advantages of territorial entity to potential private partners. Not only this problem is specific to such entities, for example within a region, but it also has an interregional nature (i.e. when there is a competition between regions about investments based on public-private partnership).