The Modes of the Power Supply Scheme of Own Needs During Start-up of the Power Units With an Additional Working Transformer

The efficiency of operation of power units of powerful thermal and nuclear power plants is largely determined by the reliability of power supply systems for their own needs. The main requirements for such systems are maintaining the required voltage level on the busbars of the distribution charters of their own needs and reduction of the time of forced power outages. Ensuring these requirements by the Ukrainian energy sector is complicated by the fact that most of its power plants are operated for a long time, and their equipment is significantly worn out.

Wave Effects in revised calculations of dynamic loads crane hardware at start / brake bridge cranes.

The specified calculations for dynamic crane steel structures loadings of bridge cranes in processes of their start-up/braking are presented. Possible wave formations in a bridge crane beam when cargo truck driving on it are taken into consideration; they result into the emergence of (wave) resistance power.

Motivational aspects of creating innovative start-ups on the platform of higher educational institutions

The article proves that in Ukraine the conditions are created for the formation of start-ups on the platform of universities. It is proved that all participants of start-ups – companies, firms, universities, teachers, students etc. – have a clear motivation. The recommendations are made on the basis of research for legislative consolidation of some elements motivating the innovation process. The methods are obtained for creating and managing start-ups on the platform of Universities at the present stage of Ukrainian economy development.