NTSH Museum in lviv (1912–1939): Scientific-Fund Work

This article based on the analysis of literature and archival sources, followed the main stages of the development and formation of one of the largest museum institutions of Lviv and Galicia to 1939 – Museum of the scientific society named after Shevchenko in Lviv. Dedicated 1912–1920 years – the period from the time when the Museum of the Shevchenko scientific society received a separate room for the museum fund collections became public, the public museum institution, until the end of The First World War and the Ukrainian liberation competitions.

Museum innovation and interactivity in museum: theory and practice

In this article it is attempted to carry out a theoretical distinction of museum innovations and interactivity on example of practical experience of museum institutions of Ukraine and the world. Museum innovations are considered in the broad and narrow contexts. The first one involves radical rethinking of traditional museum practices, of the places and the role of museums in society and culture, which contributes to the further evolution of the museum as a specific historical and cultural phenomenon.

Museum of Mykhaylo Hrushevsky in Lviv - memorial estate and scientific base of hrushevskoyznavstva

The State Memorial Museum of Mykhailo Hrushevskyi in Lviv is a memorial complex- ensemble of the Hrushevskyi’s manor; a modern scientific research, educational, historical and cultural establishment of a memorial kind (landmark of architecture and history); by its activity a scientific methodological centre for museums in Ukraine and beyond it; a scientific base of Hrushevskyi’s studies engaged in research of life and activity of Mykhailo Hrushevskyi and his contemporaneity.

Motivational aspects of creating innovative start-ups on the platform of higher educational institutions

The article proves that in Ukraine the conditions are created for the formation of start-ups on the platform of universities. It is proved that all participants of start-ups – companies, firms, universities, teachers, students etc. – have a clear motivation. The recommendations are made on the basis of research for legislative consolidation of some elements motivating the innovation process. The methods are obtained for creating and managing start-ups on the platform of Universities at the present stage of Ukrainian economy development.