In the article, the need for further development of the state is directly related to: solving issues of increasing defense capability and information security; development of information and intelligent systems. The necessity of ensuring the required level of completeness of information, compliance with the requirements of its relevance, achievement and maintenance of the appropriate level of integrity, accessibility and confidentiality is substantiated. The article emphasizes that for this purpose, complex systems of coding and information protection are being built.

Software Implementation of Modified LSB Algorithm with Shamir`s Secret Sharing

Today, it is often necessary to transmit a confidential message of a small volume, while the use of complex cryptographic systems is difficult for some reasons. One of these reasons is the impossibility of using reliable products, which, as a rule, are commercial and unavailable to the average computer user. In modern information society, many services are provided with the help of computer networks and information technologies.

Efficiency Analysis of Wavelet Transform in Hidden Data Problems

Today embedding digital watermarks is one of the most effective means of protecting intellectual property. The paper made a comparative analysis of different wavelets, investigated under different coefficients of embedding and embedding in different sub bands for transformation methods for hidden data transmission using wavelets.

Watermarking of an Audio Signal With Lossless Compression

In a paper a new steganographic method for watermarking in the frequency domain of an audio signal with lossless compression using a fast Walsh–Hadamard transform is developed. In the example of FLAC format files a possibility of digital watermark embedding using compression of residual signal is checked.

Розроблення методики оцінювання важливості характеристик стеганографічних алгоритмів

In this paper the problem of estimating the importance of each of the characteristics of steganographic algorithms is solved. The resulting estimates are used in the analysis of the existing algorithms for information embedding and multiobjective choice of the best algorithm. The technique allows providing an equally weighted algorithms estimation, and also considers the importance of coefficients of characteristics.