information activities

Study of the system of organizational measures for the formation of the information image of the university

The information image of the university can be formed naturally, without the intervention of the university in the process. However, among other drawbacks, the passivity of universities also affects the integrity of the image. Holistic we assume the image of the university, which has components for each division of the university, which has the potential. That is, in the holistic image of the universities there are no spaces on certain activities of the university.

Information system interaction of universities with social environment internet

This article implemented a formal accounting structure of the university. This article describes the information model of each component in the form of a database diagram "entity-relationship". Specifically described database structure "Structure Universities" reflects multilevel model generator high university. Accounting generators built in such, a way that it actually provides is the account of all the available information image of the university in social media. Described database structure approved accounting administrative areas of responsibility for ID universities.

Подання діяльності молодіжних громадських організацій України в Інтернеті

Herein is proposed a creation of consolidated information resource for representation of youth organizations in Ukraine. The necessity of the resource creation and the expected effects of consolidation are reasoned, and a model of consolidated resource is illustrated.