The study presents a historical and architectural analysis of the former 18th
century barracks complex in Kamianets-Podilskyi (pol. Kamieniec-Podolski), Ukraine.
Reconstruction of the phases of its development, evaluation and valorization of its facilities was
carried out, and a concept for the rehabilitation, conservation and revitalization of the complex
was developed. The building of the barracks is a unique object due to its construction and
foundation in a steep terrain.

Synthesis System Оf Algebra Algorithms Formulas

In the article the authors have developed a mathematical support for the process of generating subject unitherms of formulas of algebra of algorithms. The analysis of features of construction of formulas of algebra of algorithms as a result of which it was found out, that today, subsystems with realization of processes of generation of subject unitherms on the basis of abstract unitherms with the subsequent adaptation of formulas are not realized in known systems that served as stimulus to intellectual analysis formulas of algebra of algorithms.

Theoretical basis of energy efficiency criterion-based optimal control of arc steel-melting furnace modes taking into account 3-dimensional phase current distribution

The purpose of the article is to develop a method for synthesis of the operative adaptive optimal control of the electric mode (EM) of an arc steel-melting furnace (ASF) by energy efficiency criteria based on three-dimensional (3-D) distribution of arc currents. The basis of the created method is the use of operative information on the parameters of 3-D distribution of arc currents and the search for the appropriate optimal control – set points for arc currents of a double-loop system of controlling the electric mode of an arc steel-melting furnace.

Intellectual analysis of the replacement process for the algebra algorithm formulas

In the article, the authors have developed mathematical support for the process of replacement of algebra algorithms. The analysis of peculiarities of algebra algebra formulas analysis was carried out. As a result, it turned out that today subsystems with the implementation of the formulas replacement algorithms with the subsequent adaptation of the formulas are not implemented in known systems, which served as an impetus for the intellectual analysis of the algebra algebra replacement process.

Shipbuilding enterprise adaptation to the changes in its development incentives

The formation of the adaptation mechanism to the development incentives changes is especially relevant for shipbuilding enterprises. It is necessary to predict potential changes in legislation, lending, insurance, investment, to use the chances and to minimize the risks appropriately.


H. O. Hnat (20001)The article deals with the issues of adapting premises in the attic of the main building of the Lviv Polytechnic National University for educational and office purposes, in order to increase the number of lecture rooms in the Institute of Architecture and to improve educational process.

Optimal control of the electrical mode of an arc furnace on the basis of the three-dimensional vector of phase currents

In the paper, based on the Fokker--Planck--Kolmogorov equation and the statistical control theory, a mathematical model for the operative synthesis of optimal controlling influences for stabilization of the electric mode of an electric arc furnace in a two-contour structure with a high-speed electric circuit for regulating the arc currents is suggested.


The studies were conducted in batch mode in thirteen repetitions at humidity of 78, 80, 82 and 84%. The coefficient of variation of methane production varied from 14.84% to 35.17% in a mesophilic mode and from 14.4% to 78.21% in a thermophilic mode, which means high instability of the process. The moisture content had a much greater effect on the stability of the process in thermophilic conditions than in mesophilic ones.

Theoretical and legal problems of multi-culturalism as a traditional model of adaptation

The article is devoted to the problems of multiculturalism, since the development of various processes in the world raises the question of this traditional model of adaptation, proving its ineffectiveness and inconsistency with the present.

Software systems based on ontological task models

The increased mobility of business processes today relies on extensive use of software and in turn puts high demands on the quality of software and its ability to be quickly and accurately adapted to the changes in the business environment. A promising approach to solving the problem of adapting the software to changes in its operational environment is the use of ontological modeling. In the article the theoretical principles of knowledge representation and processing in software based on ontological task models were developed. A formal model of knowledge representation was built.