Planning Export Activities in the Conditions of Entering New Markets

Today, the concept of raising business efficiency to a higher level is a critically important direction of development of the modern Ukrainian economy. 

Building a sustainable and competitive economy contributes to the creation of healthy competition between various market participants, which has a significant impact on the relationship between producers and consumers. This forces manufacturers to focus their attention on the development and modernization of their products. In the long term, it plays a key role for the country as a whole.

The role of public-private partnership in transport infrastructure restoration in Ukraine

Problem setting. Significant attention has been paid to the attraction of investments in the development of transport infrastructure in recent years. However, the imple- mentation of modernization projects in this sector has stopped due to military actions on the territory of Ukraine. Public-private partnership projects  could be a good tool for involvement the investment in this field. But public-private agreements are still not fully used in Ukraine.

Social Responsibility of Business: Concepts, Typology and Formation Factors

In the article the authors analyze the approaches to the definition of “social responsibility”. The paper substantiates the relevance of implementing the principles of corporate social responsibility. The authors study the types of social responsibility and its manifestations. It is concluded that corporate social responsibility initiatives are based on four different categories, namely ethical responsibility, philanthropic responsibility, environmental responsibility and economic responsibility.

Organizational Changes in the Activity of Enterprises in the Context of Urgent Crisis Management

Eliminating or reducing the negative impact of crisis phenomena on the economic condition of an enterprise and ensuring its further effective development is closely related to the concept of organizational changes. On the one hand, urgent crisis management tools almost always cause such changes. On the other hand, crisis phenomena in the activities of a business entity lead to the need to introduce organizational changes. In this context, it is noted that it is important to diagnose such changes even before their practical implementation begins.

Game-theoretic approach to optimization of innovative activities of managing subjects

Methodological approaches to optimize innovation, production of improved products by business entities are developed. Methodological approaches to optimize innovation, production of improved products by business entities are developed. Practical issues of production due to the proposed optimal strategy are presented. The optimal variant for the production of improved products is calculated. This allows them to obtain greater profitability through implementation of products.

Importance of E-Commerce in the Development of Economy and Business

The article investigates the tendencies of a global e-commerce market and its legislative regulation. The value of e-commerce for domestic businesses as well as the main advantages of electronic commerce over the traditional one is shown. The features of e-commerce implementation in Ukraine are determined.

Strengthening micro-entrepreneurship for the disadvantaged youth in Middle East and North Africa

The article presents the research of tools that stimulate micro-entrepreneurship for unemployed youth, facilitate self-employment, formalize entrepreneurship and lessen the gender gap in business. The proposals
developed are aimed at creating new business opportunities for the unemployed young people. Centers of Professional Orientation and Integration (CPOI) create and utilize online database, combining business and education resources.
This database is the key element of the system as it accumulates information about labor market for CPOI,

Accounting features of detection of business conflict in the system of control enterprise’s economic security

The essence of business conflicts’ origin is disclosed. The classification is given and
accounting of signs for detection of business conflicts in the construction of the local control
subsystem for state of economic protectability of enterprise is offered. The mathematical
description of the signs of business conflicts is used for their precise quantitative evaluation at the
current time and the possible warning in the future in the analysis of activity of economic entities.