enterprise management

Formation of Marketing Decisions in the Enterprise Management System

The article deals with different approaches to defining the essence of the concept of “marketing”. The basic stages of the process of developing and making marketing decisions in the enterprise management system are investigated, the content and procedure of interaction of the main elements of the marketing decision making process are determined.

Strategic management accounting information asa basis of strategic management enterprise

In this scientific paper, by analyzing the research of domestic and foreign authors, defined the
essence of strategic management accounting as an information basis for decision-making top-level
management, which is to provide managers with all the information necessary for the management
and control of business development for the benefit of its owners and other interested partner groups
(creditors, customers, suppliers, staff, government and society). Also, the study presents the role of

Experience of accounting and analytical maintenance of “maslosoyuzom” in the first half of the twentieth century

Reveals the importance of historical research establishment and development of
accounting and analytical support for the system analysis of the current practices and current
research in the subject field of economics. Deals with the historical experience of accounting
and analytical maintenance of “Maslocoyuzom” which was a leader in the processing of milk
at Western in the first half of the twentieth century, including the structure and content of the
accounting and analytical information to support the appropriate management decisions in

Perspectives of integrated reporting

Reveals the importance of making the basic principles of international integrated
reporting, including the possibilities of transforming the economic model for the formation of
an objective financial data needed to manage financial capital. Identified deficiencies modern
standardized financial statements, including the alleged failure in her scorecard for social,
environmental and economic development.
The preconditions, problems and advantages of forming integrated reporting companies