Planning Export Activities in the Conditions of Entering New Markets

Today, the concept of raising business efficiency to a higher level is a critically important direction of development of the modern Ukrainian economy. 

Building a sustainable and competitive economy contributes to the creation of healthy competition between various market participants, which has a significant impact on the relationship between producers and consumers. This forces manufacturers to focus their attention on the development and modernization of their products. In the long term, it plays a key role for the country as a whole.

Crimes of sexual violence in Ukraine: characteristics and international experience

Annotation. The article examines the normative and legal characteristics of the concept of «violent sexual crime», studies the opinions of Ukrainian scientists regarding the problem of detecting violent sexual crime, and examines the statistical data of the Prosecutor General's Office regarding the frequency of this type of criminal offense.

The foreign experience regarding the peculiarities of differentiation of violent sexual crime in the criminal legal acts of the Kingdom of Spain, the French Republic, and the Republic of Poland was analyzed.

Problems of society development in the context of activities of the ukrainian elite

The article states that given the numerous socio-economic problems of modern development of Ukraine, the question of the existence of problems of practical activities of the national elite in Ukraine, because any socio-economic development of the population directly depends on its leaders, who through their functions determine key directions and strategies of socio-economic development and are the subjects of state formation processes.

Priority problems of the work of Ukrainian customs authorities in terms of European and Euro-atlantic Integration

Today, more and more companies focus on problems in customs clearance of products crossing the border during the implementation of export-import activities. In the context of European and Euro- Atlantic integration, which promote the accession of Ukrainian enterprises to the single European market, one of the priority tasks is the urgent solution of existing problems in the customs sphere.


The article deals with problems of small and medium-sized businesses development in Ukraine. The social and economic functions of small and medium-sized businesses are outlined. Statistical indicators of small and medium-sized businesses and individuals-entrepreneurs activity is analyzed.

Retrospective and modern trends of development of ukrainian customs system

At the present moment, Ukraine's customs system is at the stage of becoming an independent executive body in the system of state authorities. This phase launches a fundamentally new vector for the development of the national customs system, which should ensure the progressive improvement of the work of customs authorities in accordance with European principles, norms and standards. The reform of Ukraine's customs system should be based on the identification of key problems in the customs sphere and the development of effective measures for their solution.

Anti-krisis financial management of banks on example stalemate of “Brokbiznesbank”

The economic and financial crisis in Ukraine today increasingly exacerbate the situation
of all entities both enterprises of different scales and insurance companies, credit unions,
investment funds, banks and so on. Functioning of the economy of any country can not be
imagined without efficient banking system. Banks deeply penetrate into the sphere of
production and actively influence the economic and social processes in the country. For a long
period of banking institutions activity has been unstable and it gets worse every year. The

The methodical and applied bases of anticipatory management analysing at the machine-building enterprises

The actuality of the research is caused by the lack of progressive management
mechanisms (including anticipatory management) at the domestic machine-building
enterprises, which are in the difficult crisis positions at present. It is founded that today
practically there are no scientific developments on the implementation and use of anticipatory
management at the machine-building enterprises.
The purpose of the research is to develop the methodical and applied regulations of