Problems of society development in the context of activities of the ukrainian elite

Kristinyak M. "Problems of society development in the context of activities of the ukrainian elite"

Educational and Scientific Institute of Law, Psychology and Innovative Education Lviv Polytechnic National University Senior Laboratory Assistant, Department of Administrative and Information Law

The article states that given the numerous socio-economic problems of modern development of Ukraine, the question of the existence of problems of practical activities of the national elite in Ukraine, because any socio-economic development of the population directly depends on its leaders, who through their functions determine key directions and strategies of socio-economic development and are the subjects of state formation processes. The main problems of society development in the context of the national elite are determined and on this basis the main theoretical recommendations for eliminating the problems of the elite in Ukraine are offered. It is investigated that the unstable socio-economic development of the population of Ukrainian society in the context of the national elite led to a deeper understanding of the emergence and elimination of the causes of elite problems in order to improve society as a whole, which led to the relevance of this study. Based on this, it is outlined that it is extremely important to understand the peculiarities of the elite, its place and role in addressing socio-economic, cultural level, among which Ukraine today is given the military actions of the Russian Federation and other negative socio-economic changes. in the spotlight of Europe. It is investigated that the socio-economic development of the state is a consistent process and requires appropriate efforts, not only in the context of streamlining relations, geopolitical space with other states, but also maintaining a high level of stability and internal consolidation within society, in the process of writing it is determined that to attract the trust of the masses to participate in political life in order to establish democracy in the state, which is one of the important principles of development processes in the context of state formation must be skillfully managed. Based on this, it is investigated that today there are unresolved socio-economic problems of society, due to the activities of the government as an elite that shapes the processes of social development of the state. Thus, based on the study and generalization of scientific views in the context of the study of a particular problem, it is determined that the list of these problems is related to the activities of the elite.

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