industry 4.0

Intelligent system for analyzing battery charge consumption processes

The article develops an intelligent system of analysis and neural network forecasting of battery charge consumption for automated vehicles (AGVs). For this purpose, the types of AGV and the methods of effective forecasting of their battery charge consumption were analyzed. It is established that they are based on optimal robot control processes; application of technologies to increase capacity and extend service life.

Problems and prospects of the development of industry 4.0 in Ukraine under the conditions of European integration

Experts considered the concept of the essence of "Industry 4.0" under European integration conditions. The problems, prospects, threats, and possibilities of processes of formation and further development of Industry 4.0 in Ukraine under the conditions of European integration are studied. The structure of approaches to the global interpretation of the "Industry 4.0" concept is given.

Industrial revival as an objective need for the formation and implementation of a new state paradigm

The relevance of the research is related to the importance of disclosing the success factors of industrialized countries. They skillfully use versatile forms and methods of struggle for leadership in the global economy for decades and even centuries. Leadership is aimed at ensuring a high level of welfare, guaranteed protection of the security and interests of citizens.

Multiagent Control and Predictive Diagnostics of Distributed Iron Ore Enrichment System Based on CPS

The paper presents a description of a distributed control system of processing complex, consisting of three stages with a predictive diagnosis of sensors and actuators. Innovative methods of multi-agent control re focused on as one of the CPS concepts to improve the relation between different stages of enrichment equipment and their coordination.

Intelligent Control of Repair Process of Industrial Facilities with Distributed Infrastructure on the Basis of CPS

The paper presents a brief description of engineering and scientific problems which arise at the steel plant PJSC “ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih” when organizing a repair workshop to fix industrial equipment.
The attention is paid to innovative methods of repair process based on intelligent agents and Industry 4.0 principles.