Modern media not only (such as radio, newspapers, television or online journalism), but also the full range of media (e.g. theater, music, exhibitions, cinema, drama, opera, visual arts etc.) promote narrative – interpretive both the journalist and the audience the contexts of the realities referred to in the journalistic presentation. But with the introduction of holistic systems of ideologically united mass media, the narrative is no longer characterized by the temporality or length of interpretations.

The Use of Contextual Graphs for Decision Support in Recruiting

Taking in consideration the current context is an important requirement for knowledge based systems. The article discusses the application of context-sensitive decision support in the area of employment solutions providing. The research is based on employment area business process analysis which resulted in ontology construction. Next, the models for context representation are compared and models based on ontology and graphs are chosen for processing of contextual knowledge. Enhanced JDL model with specified context processing operations is introduced.

Методи вирішення лексичної багатозначності. Використання WORDNET для вирішення проблем багатозначності

This paper deals with the insight and analysis of the most widespread Word Sense Disambiguation methods and algorithms. The possibility of their practical implementation has been considered.

The methods of context processing in intelligent systems

Context-based methods represent an important part of toolkit used to build intelligent systems. In the article existent definitions of context for a system with a single decision making agent were discussed. Available formal models for context data representation and processing were compared. The approaches for different forms of reasoning within context were analyzed. Also the application of context awareness in systems with situation awareness is discussed. In the article unresolved problems and tasks in the domain of context aware computing are delineated.

Моделювання етапів життєвого циклу комерційного web-контенту

The article proposed to model the commercial Web-content lifecycle in electronic commerce systems. The model describes the processes of information processing resources in the electronic content commerce systems and automation technology simplifies the formation, management and implementation of content. The paper analyzes the main problems of e-commerce and content management services function. The methods of solving these problems.