Mathematical study of energy characteristics of centrifugal pump with single-vane impeller

In the article, the design of a centrifugal pump with a single-vane impeller is described and a theoretical calculation of such a pump is provided.  The analysis of experimental investigations and the comparison with theoretical calculations are carried out.  For the first time, the operating characteristics of a pump with a single-vane impeller of this type are obtained for different values of the rotation frequency.

Modeling of Steady-state Modes of the Electrical Network From the Synchronous Electric Drive of Hydraulic Loading

Pumping stations that provide fluid transportation by pipeline are significant consumers of electricity. Energy overruns due to sub-optimal modes of operation of individual high-power units or sub-optimal number of simultaneously operating less powerful units are quite significant and can have a significant impact on overall energy consumption. Energy overruns at pumping stations also lead to significant overruns in electricity grid elements.

Математичне моделювання стопорних режимів роботи помпового агрегату стенда для випробування гідравлічної апаратури

Mathematical model of unit, which includes asynchronous motor, clutch and pump is proposed. The model includes non-linear differential equations of electromagnetic effects in motor and motion equations of mechanical units, which generates uniform system. Calculation of transition process is developed by numerical integration of this system.

Method of vibration diagnosis wear cylinder-piston pairs of hydraulic gear pumps with ball pistons

The method of pump’s cylinder-piston couple diagnostics for radial-piston hydromachine is stated. The experimental data on pump stator vibrations of high informational content, simplicity of receiving and processing are taken as diagnostic parameters. The method is based on the universal mathematical model of dynamic processes in the pump of radial plunger hydromachine with ball-pistols.