The article presents an analytical review of promising trends in apartment housing for the next 15 years. In particular, the following trends have been identified: increasing the role of energy efficiency, reducing housing stories, increasing dwelling diversity, increasing the role of environmental and ethical factors in diversifying housing management, modernization, cooperative building retrieval, appearance housing policy. 

Analysis of Mathematical Models of Functioning Scalar Multiprocessor Systems

The article is devoted to the research of mathematical models of functioning of complex systems. The correspondence of the results of the study with the qualitative idea about the behavior of the system, saturation of the system with increasing number of users. 


The article analyzes the requirements for increasing the probability of conformity assessment of products. To increase the probability of measuring inspection, there have to be applied more precise measuring systems; performed multiple observations of the investigated quantity. An analysis was conducted for each of the ways.

The figurative approach to calculate the amount of information and estimates its values

Existent approaches to determination of basic concepts of information theory, coming from the statistical reasoning (classic approach), theory of algorithms (algorithmic approach) and theory of pattern recognition (vivid approach) are examined. Their comparative analysis is conducted. Approach which enables in number to estimate the value of information is offered.

Use adaptive ontology during modeling the Boyd loop

This paper deals with the model of Boyd loop developed on the basis of Moore automaton. The states of the machine are represented by phases of Boyd loop, by ontology editing process and by search of relevant information in the ontology. Possible transitions between states of the machine parameters have been determined and thus transmitted. The fabricated machine serves as the basis for building tactical units DAFU by DSS commanders

Функційні можливості системи розпізнавання та ідентифікації користувачів комп’ютера на основі дискретних моделей

In the article the description the system of computer users recognition is offered by means discrete model, that relations the sentinel delays at entered information from a keyboard in the to discrete moment of time. It allowed to increase efficiency of recognition almost in 1,5 time and automates procedure of authentication of users. The main directions of development and application of the systems of recognition and identification created on the basis of discrete models are marked.