Дослідження та шляхи зменшення теплового випромінювання під час пожеж

The materials of the article the radial heat flow, which is present in a fire, and analyzed factors flame from which the heat flow is dependent. Based on experimental studies installing dependence heat flux changes with distance, and the influence of environmental parameters in which the radial heat transfer on the intensity of radiation energy flame. Based on the studies identified and specified coefficient weakening energy radiation flame small water spray.

Дослідження впливу підприємств з виробництва оздоблювальних будівельних матеріалів на стан довкілля

The dynamics of accumulation of harmful matters is studied in mid air plant productions of building decorating materials during a working day. The flowsheet of cleaning of gas extrass of production is projected at participation of mechanical (wet) and chemical (absorption) methods of cleaning, including the use of shock foamy vehicle.

Дослідження виходу факелу полум’я через отвори під час розвитку пожежі у приміщенні

Development of fires in residential buildings is usually accompanied by the release of hot gases through the openings in walls. Along with the hot gases through the openings may come and plume flame, which increases radiating component of heat flow from the openings. The paper experimentally investigated at the time of the fire change size and shape of the plume flame, which goes through the openings enclosing constructions.

Дослідження процесу остигання будівлі в умовах припинення теплопостачання

The article presents the theoretical calculations and the experimental research time cooling of the building in terms of existing heating systems during the cold season while to using periodic mode of heating, which is often taken to reduce energy consumption of buildings.

Investigation of indoor air quality and its impact on human activity - case study

This paper presents the partial results of human presence impact on indoor air quality in a monitored office room. Indoor air temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide concentration are recorded in the investigated room during the operation. Simultaneously, the heartbeat (pulse) and blood pressure of respondents are determined. During the measurements, the investigated room was occupied only by one person. These measurements were repeated several times. Respondents were of different sex, different weight and different age.

Monitoring of indoor air in the apartment

Apartment occupants have a major impact on indoor air quality. Indoor air pollution includes water vapour, carbon dioxide and other gases due to respiration and bodily odours. Negative impact they have from brought in by clothing and footwear or becomes whirled up from floors, carpets etc. In this article presents the experimental measurement of indoor air quality, mainly concentration of carbon dioxide, air temperature and relative humidity. Indoor air parameters are recorded during 24 hour per every day the all week.