Applying Smartphones for Positioning in the Middle of the Room

The article deals with the problem of navigating indoors in conditions of satellite signal unavailability. In this case, alternative sources of positioning are used to determine the location of the objects. Use for navigation tasks inside the premises of the smartphone allows you to get comprehensive data on its operation. To solve the problem of navigation, the most important elements of the data sets is the unique identifier of the monitored device and the relative power level of the signal received from it.

Modeling a signal generated by microparticles moving in the aerodynamic flow

The article presents a model of a signal generated by microparticles moving in an aerodynamic flow.  This model is based on the Lorentz–Mie scattering theory.  It is shown that the visibility and the signal/noise ratio of the Doppler signal are determined by the degree of amplitude and polarization matching of the scattered waves.  These parameters also depend on the degree of phase matching of "elementary" Doppler signals.  Using this signal model, it is possible to calculate the shape of the aperture of the receiving optics for a specific type of laser Doppler anemometer.  The use of such

Рекурентні бінарні перетворення з елементами RSA і додаткове зашумлення під час шифрування/дешифрування зображень.

The algorithm encryption-decryption recurrent images with clearly visible outlines binary linear forms and using elements of the RSA algorithm as the most resistant to unauthorized access to signals.

Alhorytmichni ta skhemotekhnichni zasoby opratsiuvannia syhnaliv impulsnoho pervynnoho peretvoriuvacha za otsinkamy informatsiinoi entropii [Algorithmic and signal processing circuit means of pulse primary converter estimated information entropy]

Intensive development of new technologies has led to the growth of metrological performance requirements for primary converters, including the cost of gas environments. The use of digital technology in the implementation of the initial transformation of information traditionally based on the representation of non-electrical values electrical, actually leads to the need to improve the existing and circuit solutions.

Distribution network for telecommunications services for subscribers of express train

This article describes the new concept of providing multimedia services, which require bandwidth 12 Mbit/sec, for mobile subscribers moving at speed of 250-350 km/h on train express. This concept is called – interactive heterogeneous telecommunication system (IHTS). Also describe a place of a satellite channel in this network. There are advantages and disadvantages of satellite trunk line in architecture IHTS are also observed in this paper. We consider the signal at the transmitting and receiving side. Defined restrictions on group channel and OFDM symbol separately.

The Method of Signal Processing when Measuring Non-stationary Values

Nowadays the problem of quick-changing non-stationary values measurement is extremely actual in various modern technical systems (parameters control of engine combustion chamber, testing of aerospace complex products, scientific researches etc.). There are sufficiently effective ways of such measurement. However, increase in the speed of such methods is needed urgently. The attempt of finding the new approach to the problem of sensor output signal processing when measuring non-stationary values using the example of non-stationary pressure measurement by piezoresistive sensors is presented.