Applying Smartphones for Positioning in the Middle of the Room

: pp. 11 - 18
Lviv Polytechnic national University
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine

The article deals with the problem of navigating indoors in conditions of satellite signal unavailability. In this case, alternative sources of positioning are used to determine the location of the objects. Use for navigation tasks inside the premises of the smartphone allows you to get comprehensive data on its operation. To solve the problem of navigation, the most important elements of the data sets is the unique identifier of the monitored device and the relative power level of the signal received from it. The data of the calculations and experiments show that the navigation measurements with the help of smartphones allow to qualitatively solve the problem of observation at given distances between sensors not exceeding 5-7 meters. The relative position of the sensors and the moving objects is important. At a distance of 5 m from the beacons and the object, the actual accuracy of the object coordinates is 1-2 m, which is sufficient for traditional navigation tasks in the middle of buildings.

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