reconfigurable computing

Organization basics and timing characteristics of the multiprocessor self-configurable computer systems

The principles of design and operation of the multiprocessor self-configurabre FPGAbased computer systems are proposed in the article. The method of information processing and the structure of such system are developed. Its timing characteristics are explored. The conditions are determined necessary to achieve the high performance by the multiprocessor self-configurable computer system, and the approaches to implement these conditions are analyzed.

Tasks Scaling with Chameleon© C2HDL Design Tool in Self-Configurable Computer Systems Based on Partially Reconfigurable FPGAs

The FPGA-based accelerators and reconfigurable computer systems based on them require designing the application-specific processor soft-cores and are effective for certain classes of problems only, for which application-specific processor soft-cores were previously developed. In Self-Configurable FPGA-based Computer Systems the problem of designing the application-specific processor soft-cores is solved with use of the C2HDL tools, allowing them to be generated automatically.