An Alternative to Vending Machines

: cc. 118 - 126
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine
Національний університет «Львівська політехніка», кафедра систем автоматизованого проектування

In this review article for a smart vending refrigerator, the contours of the future device are thought out and outlined and all its advantages are described. This device will be controlled using Computer Vision and some other features. The main control unit will be Raspberry PI, since it is the best for this device. Also, a web application was developed in which the user registers, and the applica- tion itself transmits the user's information through an API that will be developed to communicate with the web server, and the web server will store this information. This article will analyze the systems that have been already on the market and their pros and cons, as well as consider the design, implementation and functionality of a smart vend- ing refrigerator. Also, the paper will consider key requirements for this system, technologies used, and approaches to integration with existing infrastructures. This design plays an important role in providing comfort and productivity in various fields of activity and can be applied in many areas.

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