The development of synergistic effect in the diversified company

: pp. 124 - 130
Lviv Politechnic National University
Lviv Politechnic National University
Lviv Politechnic National University

The provision of effective activity of business entities requires a proper arrangement of work of all their structural subdivisions and their interaction, in particular, by making timely and informed strategic decisions. These decisions must include all areas and directions of activity, in particular, the relations with suppliers, consumers, contact audiences, market power in relation to main competitors, implementation of investment development programs, etc. Under such conditions the formation of a strategic set becomes of a particular relevance. Being a set of strategies of all levels, it will allow covering the maximum of each area of business entity activity. The article studies the possibility to make effective interconnections not only between the strategies of different levels but between the strategies of different business units of a diversified enterprise as well, which, taken together, will lead to the formation and use of synergistic effect by the enterprise at all levels of a strategic pyramid. Replacing a strategic set with a synergy strategic set for diversified enterprises, thus, will ensure their economic growth in a long-run period without the attraction of significant additional funds. Such development is caused by the formation and application of optimum (the most efficient) methods for enforcing the activity of one business units with others. The efficiency of a synergy strategic set is confirmed by a significant improvement of “Zakhar Berkut” ski resort activity during several years after its implementation. Such results cannot be achieved in one year, since it takes a certain time to combine and allow for all possibilities of the enforcement of one business units with others.

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