Ratio methods and methodological approaches in the science of law

In the article is analyzed the essence of the correlation of the method and methodological approach in the study. The author investigates various arsenal of research tools and pay attention to the multiplicity of theoretical entities within the general theory of law and the need for a unified theoretical and methodological basis of research, the importance of fusion research areas in an integrated theoretical system.

H. V. Leibnic – anoutstandind thinker of western-european science and cu hure (devoted to 300-years since death)

The article deals with some scientific, philosophical, socially-legal, religious concepts of brilliant German philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz made a huge contribution to the organization and creation of scientific institutions in English, Italy, Germany, Russia and France. Due to his scientific and theoretical creativity he was ahead of his time, formulated the ideas that formed the basis of many modern sciences.

Some features of the development of legal science and education in belarus in the interwar period

The article deals with some features of development of jurisprudence and formation of Belarus in 1921–1941 by the XX сentury and opens its features. The article is prepared generally on archival material which wasn't used by historical and legal science before.

The modern theory of state and law: tradition and innovation approaches

The article is devoted to problems of science theory of state and law at the modern stage of development of legal reality. Listed on the duality of manifestations of legal phenomena in innovative and classic form and the necessity of transformation of the methodology of theory of state and law in this regard. Dedicated modern problems of theory of state and law.

The tax law: financial and legal institution, science and academic discipline

The article by analyzing the theoretical opinions of scientists singled out tax law in the system law of Ukraine. In particular, tax law is defined as financial and legal institution. Particular attention is paid to the definition of tax law as a science and academic discipline. Set their interconnection and author’s understanding of these concepts.

Financial support of autonomous research institutions of Ukraine in the conditions of reforming

The article analyzes the state of funding of higher educational universities of Ukraine, elaborated literary sources and legal acts governing the financing of education and science. The author suggests a new approach to the financial support of the Autonomous research University. The article outlines areas for further development theme

Обумовини розвитку науки і техніки на порозі ХХІ століття

In this paper the possible directions of further development of science and technology are presented. The choice of these areas is subjective, and the demographics are taken into account, because people are simultaneously creators and consumers. Displaying advances in technology supported by science, without which these achievements would not have been. Attention is paid to the development of the economy, which in a general sense is identified with increasing prosperity.