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National sovereignty and human rights as the fundamental and interrelated principles of constitutionality

The question of the meaning of the national sovereignty principles and human rights for a modern constitutional state is raised and analyzed. It is noted that the two mentioned principles are closely interrelated in the process of their realization.

Legal mechanisms of gender equality in Ukraine

The article studies the regulatory foundation of the implementation and promotion of gender equality in Ukraine. Determination of the effectiveness of legal mechanisms aimed at its regulating, is based on the analysis of relevant legal acts. Based on the comparison of state programs, deficiencies and failures in this area, the direction of further improvement of legal regulation of gender equality in Ukraine, is determined.

Public participation in the exercise of public power of the duality of the theoretical value

The problem of public participation in the exercise of public authority. It is claimed that in terms of general theoretical law it can be seen in a double sense: first, as a political right of the individual when it comes to subjective content to individual members of society; secondly, the social institution of the democratic functioning of public authorities. The author paid special attention to the first display of public participation in the aspect of humanistic dimension.

Modern idea of the human’s right on marriage and family according to international standards

In the article there are characterized the main international standards of the human’s right on marriage and family. There is presented the modern Orthodox Church position according to this question. Also there is presented a comparison analysis of the Orthodox Church interpretation of the human’s right on marriage and family with international acts (standards).