Accounting features of detection of business conflict in the system of control enterprise’s economic security


Khoma I. B.

The essence of business conflicts’ origin is disclosed. The classification is given and
accounting of signs for detection of business conflicts in the construction of the local control
subsystem for state of economic protectability of enterprise is offered. The mathematical
description of the signs of business conflicts is used for their precise quantitative evaluation at the
current time and the possible warning in the future in the analysis of activity of economic entities.
It is considered that any conflict should be understood as a contradiction of at least two
parties to the application of at least one of them significant losses. It is investigated that the
presence of the majority of business conflicts in the entrepreneurial environment leads to the
cessation of all possible contractual relations and in the future may lead to serious economic
problems, in particular, to an imbalance created earlier equilibrium relationship between
business partners. Therefore, the introduction of theoretical and methodological approach to
the account of detection’s signs in the early stages of business conflicts allows to specify the
control system for the current state of economic protectability of enterprise, making it more
perfect through the proposed mechanism for identification of conflict situations in the
entrepreneurial activity. To the main features of disclosure of business conflicts in the
company is recommended to attribute to: the identification of the higher value of economic
damage than planned; the identification of zero effectiveness of the concluded business
transactions; the non-achievement of consistency and contractors’ equality of business
agreements; the non-fulfillment of the principle of generalization ofa business relationship or
the inability to differentiate the commercial risk as a result of the conclusion of various
business transactions; the violation of arrangements’ condition during the business transactions, i.e. the inability of the use of multicriterion optimization of the parties' interests
of business transactions.