Essence of modern financial and economic stability of business economics


Gerega O.V.

We consider the basic criteria characteristics concept of financial and economic stability
of post-industrial economic type. Analyzed factors and factors of influence on the financial and
economic stability of modern businesses, taking them into account existing systems and models
in the management of sustainable development of enterprises.
Generalized and systematized problematic aspects in the subject field of knowledge, as
reflected in research on this topic. Particular emphasis on the lack of conformity with the real
economic conditions of conceptual and methodological framework. Methodological concepts
and paradigms, not perfection existing diagnostic techniques and procedures of economic
categories «financial and economic stability».
Based on articles are written opinion on the complexity and multifactor economic
category «financial and economic stability» in the modern economy. Shows some external and
internal factors influence the stability of the functioning of the modern economy, which in the
basic nature of this concept is not observed.
The study proposeda formal characterization of the concept of «economic and financial
stability», which expands the parameters of this economic category indicative factor
components of the external environment on the stability ofa modern enterprise. Conceptually
this economic category proved through analytical interpretation of the general characteristics
of the financial and economic performance of an open social-economic system.