Features, trends in advertising in different countries


Horbal N.I., Yefremenko I.M., Khomutnyk N.V.

Nowadays advertising is an inseparable modern phenomenon that originated at the dawn of civilization, has gone through various stages of development, along with the evolution of the humanity. This is a form of marketing communication, an important component of complex marketing activities used to stimulate, persuade and manipulate enterprise’s audience. However, the current state of the market economy, characterized by improving 
quality, rapid diversification of products, increased prices and consumer needs, creates certain barriers for advertising. That is why the topic of the study is important because analyzing the 
characteristics of advertising in different countries can improve its quality and efficiency in Ukraine. 
The article deals with the nature, meaning, purpose and types of advertising, including informative, persuasive and reminder advertising. It is stated that advertising – is an effective means of disseminating information about the company, product, place and conditions of sale, which aims to cause the consumer needs to purchase (use) certain goods. Advertising features and perception by consumers around the world, including USA, UK, France, Germany, Japan, China and Ukraine are analyzed. In the harsh conditions of competition advertisers must always be guided by the national characteristics of buyers of thecountry where the advertising campaign will be held. For example, European advertisers have to sell more expensive goods and invent creative advertising ideas as Europeans do not any longer respond to the fascinating visual or musical series. Germans, according to statistical analysis, are well affected by humorous or shocking advertising. In general in developed countries the market is so saturated that advertisers have no choice but to look for a new and revolutionary ways of presenting advertising messages to attract the attention of potential customers.  
Global advertising costs and their trends and projections for specific regions were studied. Prognostic data for one of the most dynamic markets – online advertising – in the world by 2018 was shown, according to which  it is expected that in 2018 more than $ 200 billion will be spent. As a result of the research it was found that the largest advertising market in the world is the United States. Developing countries contribute only 6–10 % to the 
world trade, but they have the greatest increase, while the market shares of developed European countries are decreasing. 
The domestic advertising market is growing rapidly nowadays; it has great potential for further growth and is attractive to foreign investments. Experts predict the Ukrainian market growth in 2015 will be 10.3 % and in 2016 – 12 %. However, they argue that the war in Ukraine has hurt the economy and reduced the cost of Hryvnia against key currencies. Consequently the advertising market scope measured in dollars will decline by 32 %. 
The top 10 global advertising agencies according to the Forbes magazine are presented. The following key features and trends of the global advertising market are highlighted: manufacturing and the technical complexity of advertising; processes of oncentration 
promotional activities; growing influence on the advertising market advertisers. Detailed analysis of the peculiarities of formation and functioning of the domestic advertising market 
was fulfilled.