Methodological approaches to accounting operations revenues non-current assets


Kafka S.M., Stepanjuk O.S.

The economic interpretation of the notion “income” in the scientific literature has been
considered that has made it possible to systematize the main ways of non-current-assets revenues to
the company. For this purpose the analysis of scientific publications related to the revenue fixed
assets in Ukraine for 2011-2013 has been carried out and two issues discussed by scientists have been
singled out: an accounting reflection of revenue fixed- assets transactions and their tax issues.
It should be indicated that there is some difference in the interpretation of the “revenue
non-current assets” concept in domestic regulations. In general, the company needs providing
with constant updating of fixed assets for production efficiency.
The main proposals and recommendations to improve accounting of revenue fixed assets
(non-current assets) have been found in the course of investigation. Fixed assets can be
delivered to the company in different ways: namely they can be created on their own or asa
result of obtaining from legal or natural persons. The received fixed assets are included in the
enterprise balance sheet at their first cost.
The first cost of such fixed assets depends on the fact by what means the non-current assets
object has been received.. The methodical approaches to the formation of the original value of fixed
assets in different countries of Europe have been revealed and the current national practice included.