Environmental management system and audit at: information aspects


Danylevych N.M, Yastrubskyy M.Ya.

The article outlines the main areas of interrelated and interdependent environmental
performance of the enterprise, which form the structure of management - environmental
management and auditing company. Established that multi-business enterprise can not at this
stage to formulate a systematic approach to its implementation without adequate system of
ecologically based management. Determined that the environmental activities of the company
and the environment - the only problem is its comprehensive sustainable development. The
solution to this problem should be based on information support of environmental
management and environmental auditing.
Therefore, the information support of environmental management and auditing- a system
ofrelationships in which emerging information about the activities of businesses, their participation
in the implementation of environmental policies, the dissemination of information about the
problems and achievements in addressing environmental problems and creating conditions for the
use of the most promising methods and techniques to minimize the prevention of environmental
impact. From this definition it follows that the factor of information support of environmental
management and audit comprises three components. The first component of the system isa
subsystem of the formation of information resources, including information gathering, processing
and bring to a format suitable for use by interested parties. The second component of information
support of environmental management and audit involves creating a system- conductor information,
this refers to a database system, which, in our opinion, should be considered, at least two basic
conditions: availability of information; integrated data, including legal, technical, technological,
organizational and resource aspekty.Tretya component information support of environmental management and auditing is implemented in the practical application of collected and processed data
consumers of information resources at this stage is both subjects and objects management.
So clabkist modern information support of environmental management negatively
affects the quality of both government and business entities of strategic and tactical decisions,
which affects the efficiency of management and hinders sustainable development.