Organization of activities in the structure of logistics enterprises value chain

Shandrivska O., Lendуel О.

The questions of organization of enterprises activities management within value chain basen on logistics are investigated in the article. The structure and framework model of the management system of enterprise logistic activities are identified and suggested. The usage of integrated approach to the management of enterprises logistic activities simultaneously on different organizational and economic directions (management of business process, including reengineeriny of business-process, situational and regressive approach, conception of partnerships, marketing and conception of value chains, SWOT-analysis of an enterprise, outsourcing, usage of balanced scorecard system conception, competitive benchmarking, optimization of organizational structure of management, functional and value analysis of businessprocesses system) are suggested. These organizational and economic decisions are formulated according to the one strategic idea, which is oriented to the fulfillment of clients needs as well as successful realization of strategic goals of an enterprise. The analysis of suggested organizational and economic directions of enterprise activities management on logistic principals is made in the article.