Computer Devices Automatic Synthesis as a Service for FPGA-Based Smart-Sensors of Cyber-Physical Systems

Present paper is dedicated to the problems of studying and developing the theoretical and methodological framework, algorithmic base and corresponding software means to organize and realize the automatic synthesis of computer devices in the reconfigurable hardware platforms of the smart-sensors in cyber-physical systems with no human assistance. To solve this task, the following basic approaches will be used: a) a method of self-configuring of the computer system with reconfigurable logic; b) a “Software as a Service” software delivery model via a computer network; and c) an “Internet of Things” technology. The method of computer devices automatic synthesis in the reconfigurable hardware platforms of the smart sensors of the cyber-physical systems will be proposed. The clientserver protocol of information exchange between the reconfigurable hardware platforms of the cyber-physical system measuring and computing nodes will be developed for automatic creation of computer devices in them. On the basis of the above protocol, the technical requirements to realization will be formulated and the principles of design and the main algorithms of the software interface operation will be developed. The program interfaces of realizing the protocol of information exchange between the reconfigurable
hardware platforms of the smart-sensors for automatic creation of computer devices will be modeled and the results of their implementation and testing will be demonstrated.

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