Learning to See. Nietzsche, Trump, and the New Digital Media (Transl. by Vitaly Mudrakov)

       Ukrainian translation by Vitaly Mudrakov from: Stefan, P. (2018). Sehen lernen. Nietzsche, Tramp und die neusten Medien. In Kotzur, M. (Hrsg). Wenn Argumente scheitern. Aufklärung in Zeiten des Populismus, 33-52. Münster: Mentis.

Legislative regulation of the implementation and of the use of the digital technologies in the provision of administrative services

The article is devoted to the interpretation of the regulation and the introduction of digital
technologies in the field of administrative services. The article analyzes the laws and by-laws that
regulate the use of digital technologies in the field of administrative services. The problematic aspects of
the legislative system development are suggested. The legal regulation of the providing of electronic
services and the role of Administrative Service Centers in this process are investigated. The quality of

ZUPR periodicals are digitized as a historical source

The urgent question for today is digitizing of documents for the period of Ukrainian national revolution of 1917– 1921. The restored freedom of the press and the need of society to be informed properly led to the appearing of national information space aimed at the full realization of the idea of Ukrainian statehood. Particular note should be done on digitization and open access to media of theWest Ukrainian People’s Republic (ZUNR).