Accelerometer sensing element based on nanostructured silicon

In this work we consider sensing elements of an accelerometer which is made using the combined technologies of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) structures and silicon nanocrystals whiskers manufacturing. On their basis a quick-response, high sensitive to acceleration and displacement device with submicrometer and nanometer typological sizes has been designed. This enabled us to create, on its basis, both a discrete device and an element of integrated nanoelectromechanical element silicon-on-insulator structures, which provides control of displacement up to 200 nm.

Мікротвердість поверхневих шарів гартованого склах

The value of microhardness of the surface layers of 6 mm float glass, tempered by contact and by air method by etching in a mixture of fluoride and sulfuric acids, is researched. It was established that the microhardness value depends on the method of tempering and thickness of the etched layer. The optimal parameters of the microhardness measure of 6 mm float glass are selected and thickness of the etched layer which causes the relaxation of residual tensions is indicated.