Role culture of communication in professional activities of lawyers

Olena Chornobay

One of consequences of influence on the modern world of processes of globalization and informatization, rapid development of information and of communication technologies there is forming of modern informative society, in that knowledge and information become the key resources of state and public development. During all history of humanity information was examined as a military, political, economic, sociological factor, that predetermined advancement of the state, society, and also progress of every his cock largely, is important. To own certain information meant mother confidence in the decision of important problems of public character. Ability of individuals to collect, to accumulate, to transform and pass information became qualificatory in forming of him as a creature social, as the personality, provided with an intellect, creativity. Exactly this ability gave an opportunity to pass experience and knowledge from a generation in a generation that provided public progress. Social co-operation of separate people of task forces, society on the whole is base on foremost exchange information.

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