Ways of humanization of modern judiciary oratoria

: 84-88
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology

In  the  period  of  systemic  reforms  taking  place  in  modern  Ukrainian  society  as  a  whole, 
and in the judicial system, in particular, factors that provide a fairer and more humane nature 
of  the  trial,  should  be  counted  historical  experience  gained  by  other  states  in  the  legal  field. 
Also,  the  inclusion  in  the  theoretical  understanding  of  the  notion  of  the  culture  of  the  court 
speaker  of  reasoning  about  the  significance  of  Christian  ethics  in  the  process  of  humanization 
of  legal  proceedings  would  not  only  ensure  the  completeness  of  the  consideration  of  the 
problem,  but  would  also  allow  to  outline  ways  to  find  the  most  optimal  model  of  behavior  and 
the judge as the key figure in the trialand itsother participants. 

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