Peculiarities of elite formation in Ukraine and foundation for improvement

The article outlines the specific features of the political elite's formation, identifies the main problems of its formation, and on that basis proposes the basic theoretical principles of the process of improving the formation of the elite in the country in order to avoid differences between the elite and society and improve the socio-economic development of the state and the economic development of society.

Genesis of human rights development in the modern age

The article deals with the fundamental and ideological ideas of the most famous philosophers of thіs period. The historical formation of the Human Rights Institute has been explored in the far-sighted ideas of prominent thinkers. Yu. Lipsy in his writings states that natural law is a certain human right to life, which is laid by nature itself. He also devotes his attention to the mind and conscience of a person who, as a judge, is called to determine common sense acts and distinguishes them as immoral and moral.

Theoretical characteristics of the major differences of the economic elite and the society

The article outlines the specific features of the current Ukrainian economic elite, identifies key differences between the economic elite and society, and on this basis proposes the main ways of avoiding differences between that elite and society in order to improve the socio-economic development of the state and the economic development of society in general.

Public Broadcasting in Ukraine: Problems of Functioning of Regional Directorates

Most have been given the name of the area or region broadcasting with the UA: prefix. Each directorate has at least one television and radio channel. Regional public television and radio workers are usually local specialists, journalists who are left behind after the staffing in the process of reforming state regional broadcasters in the NSTU branch. These television and radio companies are subject exclusively to NSTU and are state-owned entities.

Creation and development of human rights in ancient times

The article deals with some historical periods of creation, development and formation of
a human rights institute. The basic ideas of the most outstanding philosophers of this period
are investigated. From the time of Ancient Greece, the concept of human rights, which is
reflected in the philosophical thought of philosophers of this period, began to emerge. The
perception of the place of the person in state and social life has changed. Philosophers such as
Heraclitus, Plato, and Aristotle laid the cornerstones in creating this phenomenon in antiquity.

Metaphysical punishment in canon law

Society is perfect and imperfect. The perfect society is the Church, a religious group. This
excellence is spiritual and legal, which provides for the regulation of natural and supernatural
law. A perfect society has the name of the Kingdom of God in Heaven, which is being
supplemented by gradually worthy members of the earthly Church of the Kingdom of God.

Justice as a part of the right

The article deals with the correlation of the concepts of “right” and “justice”. The peculiarities of their application are investigated. A literary analysis of these concepts is carried out on the subject: identities; identification of differences, the establishment of regularities during their use in legal proceedings and the legal weight of each of them.

Philosophical and legal concept of the defense "civil society": modern scientific approaches

On  the  basis  of  the  latest  scientific  research,  the  philosophical  and  legal  concept  of  the 
definition  of  «civil  society»  is  thoroughly  analyzed,  Modern  approaches  to  understanding  the 
concept  are  systematized.  There  searchis  based  on  the  scholarly  views  of  prominent 
philosophers,  as  well  as  the  author’s  own  approach  and  conclusions  about  there  search 
The  research  is  based  on  the  scientific  views  of  significant  philosophers,  as  well  as  the 

Ways of humanization of modern judiciary oratoria

In  the  period  of  systemic  reforms  taking  place  in  modern  Ukrainian  society  as  a  whole, 
and in the judicial system, in particular, factors that provide a fairer and more humane nature 
of  the  trial,  should  be  counted  historical  experience  gained  by  other  states  in  the  legal  field. 
Also,  the  inclusion  in  the  theoretical  understanding  of  the  notion  of  the  culture  of  the  court 
speaker  of  reasoning  about  the  significance  of  Christian  ethics  in  the  process  of  humanization 

Justice as the basic function of the judicial uthority

An important problem – legal mechanism of realization of basic function of department
judicial of justice is considered In the article. A role of other functions of department judicial is
in providing of realization of justice. Argued, constitutional legal nature of justice which
confirms its exceptional nature among the functions of department judicial.