Can Physics Explain Everything? Review of the Shon Carroll’s Book “The Big Picture” [Ukrainian Edition]. Kharkiv: Publishing House “Ranok”: Fabula, 2019. – 400 pp.

: 51-53
Received: March 10, 2020
Accepted: March 23, 2020
Lviv National Polytechnic University

In this review, a book which was written by American theoretical physicists Shon Carroll is considered. He suggests his point of view on the Universe and reality called poetic naturalism. Its main principle is realism and objectivism. The author explains his conception by supporting it with specific examples and modern researches in the field of theoretic physics. He discusses such topics as consciousness, cognition, and thinking. The main alternative for his conception he considers to be the ones which are using dualistic, theistic or idealistic notions. Shon Carroll marks quantum wave function as a fundamental base of the world and all other dimensions of reality are its emergent manifestations. All the examples and comparisons have interdisciplinary character and they are understandable for many specialists.

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