Reflection of the activity of landslide processes in the regional gravitational and magnetic fields (on the example of the Transcarpathian region)

Purpose. The aim of the research presented in this article is to analyze the features of the reflection of the damage to the territory of the Transcarpathian region by landslide processes based on the anomalies in the magnetic and gravitational fields, taking into account tectonic zoning. The study is an important stage in predicting the landslide processes and it is aimed at reducing their negative effects on the environment. The relevance of the research is due to the growing intensification of landslides in the Carpathian region of Ukraine.

The link of radon and magnetic anomalies on the territory of Ukrainian shield and Kyiv

The aim of this research is to detect the connection between geomagnetic and radon anomalies in the area of  Kyiv Ukraine,  studying the geoecological situation of the territory, and assessing its ecological safety. Geomagnetic and radon abnormal fields are significant geophysical factors of the environment, which largely determine the ecological state.

Аналіз переваг і недоліків горизонтально-осьових вітроустановок

Typical differences between horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines are analyzed after various eligibility criteria; the advantages and faults of each construction are indicated; the expediency of their development and exploitation in order to increase energy independence of our country are substantiated.

3D geoelectric model of the Zmiyinyi island

Purpose. Construction of three-dimensional geoelectric model of the Zmiyniy Island and the nearby waters of the northern Black Sea shelf. Methods. Methodology. The methodology of research is directly linked to the procedure of the three-dimensional geoelectric model construction. It involves the selection of the spatial parameters of the model and its cells, and the model is built against the background of the "normal" one-dimensional geoelectric section in this area.

Geophysical insights on the structure and geodynamic evolution of the se Carpathians and related foreland in the context of the Black Sea opening

The paper brings into discussion geophysical evidence for jointly explaining the unusual craton seismicity in front of the SE Carpathians and the upper mantle intermediate-depth earthquakes in the Vrancea zone within the frame of the geodynamic environment generated by the W Black Sea opening and further evolution of the lithosphere expelled towards NW by rifting.