speech signal

Про вплив ревербераційної перешкоди на точність вимірювання функції розподілу рівнів мовного сигналу

Analytical and experimental investigations of influence of reverberation disturbances on measuring exactness of speech signal levels distributing function has been made.

Speech signal marking on the base of local magnitude and invariant segmentation

The paper suggests a new watermarking scheme based on invariant method of segmentation and the use of local magnitude for marking speech signals. The watermark is embedded in the chosen form at peaks with the spectrum magnitude of each nonoverlapping frame of audio signal.

Marking speech signal based on factor holder smoothness and fast fourier transform

A new improved method of speech signals marking is presented. The method is based on employing of Hölder condition to speech signal spectrum. The key features of this method are its high accuracy during watermark decoding and independence from original data like speech signal and watermark