Research and Design of the Multifunctional Cyber-Physical System of Testing Computer Performance in WAN

: pp. 55 - 63
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of Electronic Computing Machines

A multifunctional cyber-physical system for monitoring and testing remote computers in the WAN has been developed. This cyber-physical system has been built using microservice architecture. The system has used a website as a graphical interface, which in turn communicates with the main query separator, namely a web server. In addition, the database and the AES-256 encryption algorithm has been used to simplify data work, and to increase system security from external interventions. The algorithms of processing requests, algorithms of checking the efficiency of different modules of the computing node have been developed. A system of internal communication has been designed. The links between database tables have been designed. The utilities for various custom actions have been developed. The user has also provided the ability to group users and computing nodes to simplify the process of analyzing data on the performance check.

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