Mathematical modelling and simulation of the mechanical component of the fully differential capacitive MEMS accelerometer using MATLAB/Simulink environment

: pp. 20 – 26

Holovatyy А., Teslyuk V., Panchak R., Koshyrets S.

Holovatyy A.1, Teslyuk V.2, Panchak R.2, Koshyrets S.1

  1. The National Forestry and Wood-Technology University of Ukraine, Department of information technologies.
  2. Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of computer-aided design systems.

Simulation model of the mechanical component of the fully differential capacitive MEMS accelerometer has been developed using MATLAB/Simulink environment. The model allows to simulate movement of the proof mass, capacitance changes of the sense capacitors of the sensitive element, sensitivity of the sensor depending on the applied force of acceleration, and to perform the transient analysis of the integrated device at the system level of computeraided design.

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