Structural and Kinematic Synthesis of the 1-DOF Eight-Bar Walking Mechanism with Revolute Kinematic Pairs

Problem statement. The use of existing and the most widespread drives (wheeled and caterpillar one) is sometimes limited by complicated operational conditions while moving on rough terrain. The mentioned drives require a relatively flat surface to be operated effectively. A rocky or a hilly terrain imposes the demand of the use of alternative types of drives, in particular, walking ones.

Practical examination of longitudal acceleration in the racing car in the aspect of ground adhesion of bituminous surface

This work concerns problems connected with race car's behavior permitted to traffic motion on dry asphalt surface during braking and rapid acceleration . The characteristics of the vehicle is presented with particular reference to type of tires. Environmental characteristics and road surface were made. The result of the research and analysis are kinematic characteristics of the particular features of the vehicle enabling assessment the probable risk both for diver and other road users.

Development of vhdl-ams model of integrated microaccelerometer with sigma-delta control

In the paper, VHDL-AMS model of microaccelerometer with sigma-delta control for computer-aided design has been developed. The created model has made possible the simulation of dynamic characteristics of the integrated capacitive microaccelerometer, signal processing and digitizing, simulation of force feedback control using sigma-delta technique on the applied force of acceleration and also to perform the analysis of the device at the behavioral level of computer-aided design.

Effect of Impact Velocity in the Roadblock on the Spatial Arrangement of Acceleration of the Vehicle Body

The article presents the results of experimental studies of the process of intense acceleration, passing through the barrier and the vehicle brakes adapted for the transport of persons using two speed ranges passing through the barrier. Tests were conducted on dry roads made of cobblestones. Performed experimental studies, which aim was to determine the acceleration in each axis while passing through the obstacle.

Mathematical modelling and simulation of the mechanical component of the fully differential capacitive MEMS accelerometer using MATLAB/Simulink environment

Simulation model of the mechanical component of the fully differential capacitive MEMS accelerometer has been developed using MATLAB/Simulink environment. The model allows to simulate movement of the proof mass, capacitance changes of the sense capacitors of the sensitive element, sensitivity of the sensor depending on the applied force of acceleration, and to perform the transient analysis of the integrated device at the system level of computeraided design.

Levers of regional investment activity regulation: definition, differentiation, possibilities of use

The essence of levers of regulation and increased efficiency of investment activities in the region  is  determinated  in  terms  of  regional  economy,  management,  theory  and  practice  of investment.  Classification  of  levers  of  regional  investment  activities  regulation  is  proposed.