List of Topics

  1. CAD modern information technology
    • Visual Modeling.
    • Development and analysis of remote design tools.
    • Concurrent and distribution systems.
    • Distribution computing in networks.
    • Perspective directions of software development and technological processes testing.
  2. Design of specialized systems and devices
    • Specialized computer system.
    • Computer system and networks.
    • Data and knowledge bases.
    • Technology and system automated processing of text and graphics information.
    • Design of MEMS elements.
    • CAD systems for MEMS design.
  3. Models and methods for radioelectronics device and system design
    • Signal processing in radioelectronic system and telecommunications.
    • Telecommunications and radioelectronic design tools.
    • Methods and tools of digital signal processing.
    • New materials in microelectronics.
    • Tasks of reliability estimation.
  4. Optimal design problems
    • Tasks of optimal design.
    • Object-oriented design methods.
    • Combinatorial and graph tasks of huge size.
    • Constructor design of radioelectronics means.
    • Design solving verification.
    • Thermal problems in microelectronics.
  5. Models and methods for microelectromechanical systems
    • A mathematical model of sensors and actuators.
    • Microsystems modeling and design.
    • New microelectronic technologies.
    • The new technology of IC and MEMS industry.
  6. Practical applications of CAD systems
    • Modern CAD in robotics and IoT systems.
    • Embedded systems design and practical realization.
    • Industrial applications of algorithms and design approaches.
  7. Technologies for medicine
    • Biomedical electronics.
    • CAD in medical applications.
    • Reengineering based on CAD models.
    • Electronic and computer tools in biomedical engineering.
    • CAD models comparative analysis