: 105-110
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

Binary Pd-M (M – d-metals) systems: Pd-Ni, Pd-Cu, Pd-Ag, Pd-Au are the type of bimetallic nanomaterials which in the last decade are the subject of interested due to their increased catalytic activity in the processes of anodic oxidation of low-molecular organic substances, in particular for the oxidation of ethanol, methanol, glycerin, formic acid, which is the subject of the application in sensors and, especially in the fuel cells. Perspective for the last in the aspect of catalysis of anode and cathode processes is a system of Pd-Au.

The catalytic activity of nanostructured Pd-Au/GC electrodes in reactions of electrochemical oxidation of methanol in alkaline solutions was investigated by the authors of the work. One of the main characteristics of the effectiveness of their catalytic action of catalysts is the ratio of the components in nanostructured binary systems. The influence of the content of Pd and Au in the Pd-Au/GC electrode on its electrocatalytic activity during anodic oxidation of methanol in alkaline solution was studied. The increasing of the content of palladium in the binary nanostructured Pd-Au system accelerates the complete oxidation of methanol, thus contributing to a decrease of the content of intermediates compounds that point to the high efficiency of the nanostructured Pd-Au/GC electrodes. Effective electrochemical oxidation of methanol on the surface of Pd-Au/GC takes place only if exists solid layer of sediment.

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