Model of Economic Evaluation of Intellectual Capital of Machine-Building Enterprises and Potential of their Development

: 61-72
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Politechnic National University

The article presents the results of building a model of economic evaluation of intellectual capital (IC) of machine-building enterprises suitable for the IC current level, its individual components and their potential. A typology of factors influencing the choice of IC evaluation methods in the industry has been developed. Factors of internal and external environment are described to consider when choosing a basic evaluation method of IC in machine- building enterprises, the direction and the impact of these factors in the current economic conditions in Ukraine being determined.The basic matrix selection method of evaluation of IC of machine-building enterprise, grounded priorities and a combination of different evaluation methods by defining their weighted grades are constructed. The graphical  model of economic evaluation of machine-building enterprises IC and its development potential is designed. According to this model, indicators of the level of development of IC and its components in their cost measurement are calculated.

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