: 49-56
Lviv Politechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The article reveals the research results of the motivation essence in the modern scientific publications. Three major approaches to the interpretation of motivation were outlined: from the point of view of stimulus to activity; from the point of view of personality’s consciousnesses component; form the point of view of dynamic process. There was presented the author’s vision of motivation, which is considered in the context of factors that motivate the human potential for its capitalization. 

It is proved that rural settlements of Ukraine are an important part of its strategic advantages. The specifics of motivation for human potential of rural settlements capitalization was investigated. The typical reasons for imbalance of employment motivation in favour of urban settlements were outlined. They are caused by poverty, the specifics of the local labour markets, the condition of the village social infrastructure, the level of labour migration, the presence of low-productive and the absence of innovative employment of rural population. The issues of low innovative potential of rural territories were outlined. There were substantiated disintegrators of effective employment motivations at agricultural enterprises, among which the following are essential: non-transparent mechanisms for creating the prices for agricultural products, the current structure of the salary, the level of bank credits engagement etc. 

The influence of employees’ experience, their age, work conditions, the status in the work team, the presence of social-responsible activity upon the creation of the basis of labour activity high motivation was assessed.

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