: 157-172
Department of landscape and tourist-recreational architecture Kyiv national university of building and architecture, Kyiv

The article is a result of an analytical research on development of relations between the
city and suburban area. An attempt to define main factors that may be included into a future
strategy of balanced development and to avoid a number of problems in the organization of group
forms of settlement in the big cities' influence zone. The decentralization processes in the
governance system constitute the social and economic potential for creation of a system of
common interests in development, and not for destruction of both cities and suburban area.
The research materials analyze the current state of affairs of urban planning activities in
Ukraine, in particular, peculiarities of regional planning, using three largest cities and their
suburbs as case studies. A number of negative trends have been discovered in the relations
between the city and suburban area, that need to be resolved during the subsequent stages of
designing to take into account the changes in the management system – decentralization and
development of territorial communities that will be interacting with the city on systemic positions.

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