Legal methods of combating the illegal labor market

The article analyzes the existing approaches to determining the ways and methods of analyzing legal methods of combating the illegal labor market. The article reveals aspects of the impact of the illegal labor market on the Ukrainian national labor market. There are key points at which the interaction of market processes takes place and the analysis of possible transformations is carried out.

Peculiarities of Ukrainian Population Migration Processes

The article analyzes the main indicators that characterize the population of Ukraine, in particu- lar unemployment, mobility by region, birth rate and mortality, in particular, the forecast of the popu- lation of Ukraine and in terms of two categories such as ages 0–14 years and 65 years and older.

The causes of emigration processes in the countries of the visegrad group

The article is devoted to analyzing the peculiarities of the emigration processes in the countries of the Visegrad Group prior to their accession, in the course of accession and after joining the EU. The author found out the differences in socio-economic development and birth rates in the countries of Western Europe and the countries of the Visegrad Group. As the result, the cyclical and structural causes of emigration processes in the countries of the Visegrad Group were singled out.


The article is a result of an analytical research on development of relations between the
city and suburban area. An attempt to define main factors that may be included into a future
strategy of balanced development and to avoid a number of problems in the organization of group
forms of settlement in the big cities' influence zone. The decentralization processes in the
governance system constitute the social and economic potential for creation of a system of
common interests in development, and not for destruction of both cities and suburban area.


The authors reveal the importance of migration management and its role in shaping effective migration policy. The structure of migration management is identified and the main stages of the national migration movement of the population are outlined. Despite the complexity of finding relevant statistics on migration in Ukraine, some key statistical indicators, including geographical and age structure of immigrants have been presented in this research work.

Administrative legal characteristics internal migration in Ukraine

The article deals with the administrative-legal characteristic of internal migration, in the
context of external and illegal migration, the administrative-legal regulation and peculiarities
of migration processes in Ukraine, through the lens of theoretical analysis of the components of
migration processes. The issues of implementation of certain provisions of the Constitution of
Ukraine, laws of Ukraine, by-laws and regulations on subjective and objective factors affecting

Forced migration: international standards of internally displaced persons in the national legislation

The article addresses the problem of compliance of national legislation with international
standards regarding the protection of rights and interests of internally displaced persons,
dwells upon the differentiation of international standards regarding internally displaced
persons and refugees, substantiates the need for a cross-section of international law in the
national legislation of each country to ensure a maximally consistent approach in designation
of rights and freedoms of all persons in a democratic society.

Labour Market of Ukraine in the Conditions of Intensification of Migration Population Processes

The article identifies that the labour market is a complex integrated system with a large number of economic entities, including intermediaries or immigrants, as well as socio-economic processes, ambiguous determinants, large amounts of information and ever-increasing links between market contractors. The impact of population migration on the labour market in Ukraine is analysed, as well as the socio-economic factors on which the level of balancing of the labour market depends, with the adjustment of labour supply to the volume of emigration of the population are outlined.

The conspiracy conception of world jihad as an instrument for the islamization of Europe (Research Article)

The article reveals the essence of the conspiracy concept of world jihad as an instrument for the Islamization of Europe and explores its influence on public opinion in Western European countries.The assessment of the existing and potential risks of conspiratorial thinking spread in Western European countries accomplished by The International Center for The Study of Radicalization and Political Violence (ICSR), as well as the Think Tank Pew Research Center experts’ forecasts as an attempt to refute the conspiracy concept about the inevitable world jihad implementation through demographic tr