Guidelines for Authors

Relevant requirements for the articles submitted to the collection of articles "Current Issues in Research, Conservation and Restoration of Historic Fortifications"

The scientific articles that haven’t been published before can be accepted for publication in a scientific edition.

Publication of student articles is allowed in co-authorship with academic supervisors. 
The number of articles submitted by the author individually and in partnership is unlimited. However, the editor reserves priority regarding the order of publication of the submitted articles in the current and planned issues. 

The bulk of the article script: 6 – 10 pages of the А-4 (the number of symbols in the whole article together with the blanks – 15 – 25 thousand).

The article language: Ukrainian, Polish, English.


General requirements for the presentation of the article script:

  • Sheet format A4 210 х 297 мм). All indentions – 2cm.
  • Running titles: header – 1.25 cm, footer – 1.6 cm.
  • Type – Times New Roman Cyr, size of type – 11 pt, interval – 1.15.
  • The text is aligned relative to the page width.
  • The page numbers are not put.
  • The inside textual references and bibliography are presented per Harvard system, submitted in a source language accompanied by Latin transliteration.
  • The articles are presented in the format of *.doc.
  • The name of the file should include the number of publication subjects and the surname of the first author written in Latin (for instance: 6_Avramenko.doc – is submitted on the theme «design»).


The article structure:

  • Information about the authors
    • initial letters of the author and joint authors (alignment right, bold type)
    • position and employment place, city (alignment right, italic type)
    • e-mail: (alignment right)
    • orcid (alignment right)
  • The title of the article (alignment centered without indentions, size of type – 14 pt, bold type, all the types of the title – capital)
  • Copy-write (alignment left without indentions, italics
  • Abstract (Word amount 50 – 100 words, language – Ukrainian, italics, bold type, alignment left  – 1 cm, right – 1 cm)
  • Keywords (in a quantity not more than 6 words or word combinations, language – Ukrainian, italics, bold type, alignment left – 1 cm, right – 1 cm)
  • Problem statement (Introduction)
  • Analysis of recent research and publications
  • The objective of the article
  • Results and discussions

The authors submit to the editorial board:

1. The electronic version of the article (together with the scanned sheet of the reconciliation, filled in and signed by the author), you can provide a disk with the article or send it to the e-mail address of the collection (

2. Application form.